Adaptil Collars for Dogs
Adaptil Collars for Dogs
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Adaptil Collars for Dogs

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Adaptil Collars work perfectly to send "comforting messages" to help dogs feel calm and relaxed in stressful situations.These odorless messages are only perceived by dogs and provide a strong signal of security and comfort to your pet. Available in two sizes, Small and Medium/Large.


  • Can help reduce excessive indoor barking, whining, trembling, chewing and house soiling caused by stressful situations including: Transitioning to a new home, loud noises including thunder and fireworks, travel, boarding and vet visits, changes in people or pets in the home
  • Creates a pleasant environment
  • Improves behaviour / aids in training
  • Non-sedative and non-systemic so it can be used alongside other types of medications
  • Used by vets and pet owners worldwide for 14 years.

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